Ryan M James is a writer, editor & director with a diverse range of creative and technical experience in both film and video games. By day, Ryan works as a writer and performance director for the games industry. Under cover of night, he conjures stories for print, screen, and web. He has co-written screenplays, directed an independent feature and shorts, and created the popular machinima webseries A CLONE APART.

Regardless of genre or medium, Ryan never tires of the thrill of artistic collaboration on a project. He uses his technical expertise and knowledge of storytelling techniques to direct, edit, and/or write compelling pieces with a visual style and a strong sense of narrative. When working on games, he participates in every stage of narrative production (story-breaking, script-writing, motion capture or recording, supervising editing, and reviewing implementation).

In 2001, Ryan co-founded his production company ILLUSIVE ENTERTAINMENT, where he’s directed an online game demo, the feature film REAL, and several shorts, including the award-winning DREAMTIME and its sequel, WITHOUT WORDS. Ryan has meanwhile spent over a decade crafting trailers, cinematics, behind-the-scenes and recruiting material for game developers small and large, including the former PANDEMIC STUDIOS and now NAUGHTY DOG. There he’s also specialized in writing and directing narrative content as well, both for the UNCHARTED and THE LAST OF US franchises.

Ryan has also co-authored two novels, FORBIDDEN, and it’s sequel EMBOLDEN, written with his mother Syrie James.


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